Karuna Nivas, Shivaigudam
Place : Shivaigudam
Established Year: 2000
Address: Shivaigudam, Koichilakka, Khammam ()dt, A. P
Pin: 507002
Phone: 08742 277684
Email: kvrschool12@gmail.com

Karuna Nivas, Shivaigudem

 Karuna Nivas, shivaigudem

Karuna Nivas, Shivaigudem was established on 18th November, 2000. The first community members were Sr. Elsy, Sr.  Ancy Maria, Sr. Jyothi, Sr. Jincy and Sr. Lincy. The Sisters were given the responsibility of the Remedial school and boarding run by the Diocese of Khammam.


The present apostolates are:-

i. Working in the Remedial school

ii. Looking after the Boarding Children

iii. Social work and evangelization activities.

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